Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unfashionably Late

I want one of these.
Late Excuses

I go to University. I study Professional Writing. I'm forced to take a bunch of useless classes.

Today I came to one of the better ones late. So late that I missed it entirely.

Now, I have an excuse: my alarm clock didn't go off. Why? Who knows these things. But that's all it is: an excuse.

When it comes to being professional, excuses don't cut it. Not the way a knife cuts chicken legs or human limbs, but you know what I mean.

If you don't finish a piece of writing on time, you're not going to get paid. No. You're going to get fired. And you'll be hard pressed to convince your boss to do otherwise.

Even my computer professor doesn't take excuses. "You're not done logging in? Fail."

Of course, certain excuses do work. Tragic ones. And I'd rather not have those.

It's a box. GASP.
Prepare for the Worst

Behave professionally. Get your work done on time. And prepare for unavoidable accidents,

Have your worked backed up at all times in case of a computer crash. (Email it to yourself. Use dropbox. Memorize it. Do something.) Have it done early in case of unforeseen circumstances. (Yes, procrastination is fun. I like it too. But get over it.) Have a back up plan. (This may include talking to your boss. Scary. But ask him or her about his or her reaction to emergencies.)

In the end, it'll be worth it. Trust me.

Expect the worst. Prepare for it.

And I promise you. It won't happen.

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  1. Well said, love. Being a creative type is not an excuse for unprofessional behavior or tardiness. ;) Cultivating good habits of respecting the time of others serves in work and life.